Stimuli Technology & RMS Medical Devices are teaming up to make Tensi+ overactive bladder treatment available to patients in BeNeluxe

February 16, 2023 – RMS Medical Devices today announced an agreement with Stimuli Technology, a French MedTech company specialized in the use of transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation technique for overactive bladder treatment, to integrate Tensi+ medical device in their portfolio.

RMS Medical Devices is expanding its innovative offering to healthcare institutions to bring high quality European-made solutions to physicians in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. Tensi+ is already broadly used in healthcare institutions in France and got its first results of efficacy in a retrospective study made by seven hospitals in France at the end of 2022, showing a rate of success of 68%.

Our Tensi+ treatment has been prescribed by more than 500 physicians and adopted by 8,000 patients in France in only a year, which demonstrates the success of our medical device. RMS Medical Devices brings a strong market knowledge and this partnership is key to accelerate our extension in the BeNelux region.” says Delphine Agullo, CEO of Stimuli Technology. “We developed our treatment Tensi+ to improve quality of life of people living with overactive bladder and our aim is to make it available to as many patients possible across Europe.”

“This partnership perfectly matches with RMS’ focus on Optimized Health Solutions. We are continuously monitoring the latest developments adding real clinical value to expand our Digital Health portfolio. With the TENSI+ technology we’ll be able to improve patient care & overactive bladder treatments” adds Olivier Wouters, Director Business & Product Development at RMS Medical Devices

About RMS Medical Devices

RMS is an independent company headquartered close to Brussels (BE) and local offices in Eindhoven (NL), allowing a geographic focus on the entire BeNeLux area.

Founded in 1987, RMS specializes in the development and commercialization of state-of-the-art MedTech Solutions within different strategic business units: Radiology, Endoscopy, Pulmonology, Urology & Surgery. A dedicated department focusing on Digital Health & a Business Unit for Urology, covers different therapeutic areas and closely monitors the latest developments and offers new and optimized solutions for healthcare providers in the BeNeLux market.

About Stimuli Technology

Stimuli Technology is a French MedTech company created by the startup studio Technofounders in 2018. They promote research from French laboratories by creating technology startups with high added value, thus meeting a requirement for rapid time to market and a real economic potential. The startups created present a significant societal impact and opportunities for technological disruption. Stimuli Technology developed Tensi+ in collaboration with specialists in urology and rehabilitation medicine, renowned in France and in Europe. This treatment is a revolutionary solution for patients and healthcare professionals to treat overactive bladder. For more information: